The shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ $500 million megayacht has designed a concept for a 288-foot sailing yacht. Inspired by classic sports cars, the ultra-quiet ship features a two-story conservatory, large swimming pool and beach club.

Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco has partnered with Lobanov Design to introduce a new 88-meter sailing yacht concept dubbed Double Luck, or ه…«+ه…», which stands for “88” in Mandarin Chinese. It’s the third time the Barcelona-based studio and Oceanco have collaborated on a project. The luxury yacht concept was named as a nod to the meaning of the number eight in Chinese numerology. Interestingly, the concept was unveiled just a few months after the Netherlands-based company introduced Jeff Bezos’ $500 Oceanco Y721, christened Koru a few weeks ago. With a length of 127 meters, Bezos’ massive luxury boat is expected to be the largest sailing yacht in the world when it is delivered later this year. In comparison, the new concept from Oceanco is significantly smaller with a length of 88 meters. In fact, the two sailing yachts are very similar in many ways.

Designed by Oceanco and Dykstra Naval Architects, Double Luck’s naval architecture features the Dutch company’s emission-reducing LIFE design, introduced by Oceanco in 2019. The design approach combines the elegance and performance of Oceanco yachts with environmentally conscious technology and fuel efficient hull design to reduce environmental impact.

In addition, it also receives a DynaRig sail system for optimal energy recovery. Oceanco says so superyacht would be able to reduce fossil fuel consumption by up to 30 percent while driving silently.

Unlike Kuro, which has three massive masts, Double Luck features a dual mast design. According to Oceanco, the sail system can be operated by a single crew member and can be fully deployed in six minutes. In terms of design, the superyacht’s exterior has been given a very futuristic, uncluttered styling with smooth, see-through lines and long, curved lines with minimal sharp edges.

Its design was reportedly inspired by classic sports cars, particularly the superstructure, which was designed to look like the aerodynamic cockpit of a coupe.

Some of the highlights include a large pool on the back deck, a zen garden, ocean terraces in the Beach Club, and a two-deck sunroom. The minimalist design is also carried over to the interior, which also gets a Zen-inspired design. “The stillness, balance and connection with the surrounding nature are a very important part of sailing,” explained Lobanov. “You have to take that into account when you want to design a sailing yacht.”


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