Peter Fitzpatrick’s broomstick HK Brougham

Yyou don’t build a car like Peter Fitzpatrick‘s FC without any car making experience and Fitzy has that in abundance.

“My first car was an FJ Holden when I was 14, but my first road car was an EJ Holden with a red engine,” he says. “Later I got an HD with a hot Waggot engine and then an ex-cop GTR Torana, but my first serious car was an EH.”

First published in the November 2010 issue of street machine

Street Machine features Brookstick Hk Brougham Interior 2


Especially healthy

“The EH actually won Top Engine Bay in 1975 at the inaugural Street Machine Nationals. It had a 192 with triple Sus and a Bert Jones 40/80 camera. That was his drag spec cam and he wouldn’t sell it to you unless you had a drag car, so I got mine from one of my buddies who drove an EH.

It only had a three-speed, but it ran a flat 15 seconds at Castlereagh and would go 100mph in second gear. I busted a lot of second gear synchro’s and differentials but it didn’t take long to change them.”

Street Machine Features Holden Hk Brougham Onroad Wm


Enter the broomstick

‘The cops really bothered me with the EH so I sold it to buy the HK Brougham. It was dead stock and in pretty good condition. I pulled out the 307, took it out to 327, put some big heads on it and a Muncie behind it.

I kept blowing stock diffs, so I put a 10 bolt in and fixed it right away. It was an amazing highway car. I had a GTS speedometer in it that read 140mph and it wound up the clock easily.

I got it up to 6300 rpm at peak, which is probably around 155 mph. It ran flat for 13 seconds with 3.08 gears, but on the freeway it was untouchable – you could flatten it at 120mph and it would get you back in your seat

Street Machine features a Brookstick Hk Brougham engine bay


Show & Go

While the 327 was a good little engine and propelled Fitzy to a go-to-whoa win over John Petersen’s Zephyr at the Street Machine Nationals, the rest of the car was pretty nifty too.

Fitzy put around 300 hours into the bodywork, pumped out the rear fenders to accommodate the 11-inch rear rubber, and repainted the lot Glacier White. The undercarriage has been extensively detailed and the engine compartment wiring has been hidden. The rims are Western American Racing style and the interior is an 80’s classic in brown suede.

Street Machine with Brookstick HK Brougham interior



Pete hung on the broomstick until 1998. “He was just standing around in the workshop, so I let him go,†he says. “My sons Aaron and Daniel are still dark with me!


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