Polestar Snow Space: Snow showroom in Finland

Polestar is always reaching for the stars to define itself for both its 4x4s and everything it touches. Last summer the company built the ultra-ecological Polestar KOJA tree house. As for cars North Star 2 was awarded Winter EV of the Year 2022 and the company – with Joakim Rydholm, Polestar chief test engineer and rally driver with 25 years of experience – created the Polestar 2 “Arctic Circle” rally car as a one-off showcase.

Polestar Snow Space in Rovaniemi, Finland

(Image credit: Polestar)

Polestar Snow Space now stands in the middle of the Aalto Center building complex in Rovaniemi, just eight kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. It pays tribute to nearby Rovaniemi City Hall, Rovaniemi Library and Lappia Hall, a performing arts and conference venue, all designed by leading Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto as part of the city’s reconstruction plan he developed About 90 percent of the buildings in the city were destroyed in 1944 during the Lapland War.

(Image credit: Naomi Moriyama)

The Polestar Snow Space is like others in the brand’s range of “Spaces” around the world (winner of Most Immersive Brand Home in the Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards 2022), although it’s temporary – open for seven weeks, until February 26, 2023. Customers are invited to view a Polestar car, learn about component options and test drive it at a nearby track while the experience showroom in operation is.

(Image credit: Naomi Moriyama)

Martin Österberg, Marketing and PR Director at Polestar, explains: “The 12 x 12 x 12 meter cube reflects the shape of the company’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden; White is part of Polestar’s color palette; and the design is minimalist in line with everything else in the Polestar universe.” Inside, one wall is adorned with hand-crafted ice sculptures of a tyre, shock absorbers and brake pads. The Polestar symbol on the roof was hand carved with a chainsaw. The Polestar name and another star symbol are engraved on the outer walls.

A showroom made of snow

(Image credit: Naomi Moriyama)

A stunning element of this massive structure is its raw material: snow. Clean, circular, local, plentiful and free, snow was ideal. The snow and ice are harvested at the nearby ski resort of Ounasvaara and transported to the site in electric trucks. Once the Snow Space closes, snow and ice return to Ounasvaara to be repurposed as a ski slope in late autumn before enough snow falls in the area for the season.


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