Porsche with slight increase in global sales, Taycan sold Panamera in 2022

Even if last year was not a record year for Porsche, the Stuttgart-based company had a solid sales year in 2022. The sports car maker delivered a total of 309,884 vehicles to customers around the world, up 3 percent from 2021. The brand’s SUVs remained the brand’s most popular products.

the cayenne was Porsche’s bestseller on world markets in 2022 with a total of 95,604 deliveries, followed by the Macan with 86,724 units. Third was the Porsche 911 with 40,410 units, followed by the Taycan with 34,801 deliveries and the Panamera with 34,142 deliveries. It is worth noting that the electric sedan outsold the Panamera for the second consecutive year despite its 16 percent decline in sales

“On the sales side, the results in 2022 were positive,” comments Detlev von Platen, one of Porsche’s highest-ranking sales and marketing managers. “Porsche is solidly positioned. And we’re building on that.” It’s interesting to note that the Taycan saw a 16 percent drop compared to 2021, and Porsche says this negative trend is due to supply chain issues. The 911, on the other hand, recorded an increase of 5 percent, while the Panamera recorded a 13 percent increase in demand compared to the previous year.

China stayed Porschelargest market in 2022 with 93,286 cars delivered to customers despite the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic. North America was the second-largest market for the German automaker with 79,260 units sold, while Europe – despite its solid 7 percent increase – remained third with 62,685 cars. In Germany alone, 29,512 new Porsches were delivered to customers.


January December
 2021 2022 difference
Worldwide 301,915 309,884 +3%
Germany 28,565 29,512 +3%
North America 79,166 79,260 0%
China 95,671 93,286 -2%
Europe (without Germany) 58,576 62,685 +7%
Overseas and Emerging Markets 39,937 45.141 +13%

Porsche is currently working on a range of new and refreshed products. These include a revised version of the 911as well as a updated Cayenne. There are also an electric Boxster in developmentbut it won’t debut until mid-decade.


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