Porsche develops 3D printed battery gigafactories for Sakuu

Porsche Consulting develops manufacturers of lithium metal and solid state batteries sakuuThe first 3D printing gigafactory for commercial production.

Sakuu, who says it is the “developer of the world’s first 3D-printed solid-state battery,” has partnered with him Porsche advice because it wants to draw on the automaker subsidiary’s extensive factory design expertise.

Robert Bagheri, Founder and CEO of Sakuu, said:

Respecting his extensive expertise in the design and execution of automotive plants, we ultimately chose Porsche Consulting because we believe his team is a master at designing large production plants – from start to finish.

Sakuu, which opened a 79,000-square-foot pilot power generation facility in San Jose, California, in August 2022, says it will build gigafactories to meet its annual energy output target of 200 GWh for its entire product line by 2030. The groundbreaking for two gigafactories is planned for 2024.

The 3D printed battery maker says sustainable design is a priority, and also wants to find a way to maximize manufacturing efficiencies so it can be rolled out and replicated internationally.

Sakuu’s initial factory design will enable roll-to-roll manufacturing for its line of high energy density lithium metal batteries. Roll-to-roll manufacturing is when a flexible base material known as a ‘substrate’ is unrolled on a conveyor belt and then modifying materials are layered onto this substrate one at a time, being rolled up again – and that’s why it’s called ‘roll-to-roll’ €œ

The battery maker also plans to build “first-of-its-kind facilities” equipped with Sakuu’s “Kavia” 3D printing processes to manufacture its Swift Print line of solid-state batteries.

Sakuu’s Kavian platform “can enable high-volume, automated, and low-cost production of Swift-Print battery cells — of any size and shape.” The website states that its Swift-Print lithium-metal sample cells, which are a higher capacity, longer life and “can be charged to 80%” will ship this year.

Because the batteries are customizable, Sakuu can make batteries for everything from electric vehicles to electric bikes to grid storage.

Gregor Harman, CEO of Porsche Consulting, North America said of Sakuu:

Their pioneering and scalable approach to additive manufacturing can bring incredible innovations to major industries that are transitioning to new energy solutions – automotive and beyond.

Electrek’s take

Sakuu falls into the “One to Watch” category. Since they hired Porsche Consulting, it’s obvious that it will prioritize 3D printing of EV batteries.

In an August news post, Sakuu said it is targeting “60 GWh by 2028.” It has significantly increased its production target since saying today it is now targeting 200 GWh by 2030.

We look forward to seeing what happens next and which electric vehicle and clean energy companies it partners with. My money is on Porsche.

Photo: Sakuu

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