Porsche Boxster Electric: Everything we know

The Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman are the German brand’s entry-level performance cars for people looking for an exciting experience but don’t want to pay for one of the many 911 variants. The next generation of these models will make the massive transition to electric powertrains instead of internal combustion engines for every previous iteration.

Porsche announced the electric boxster and caiman during the automaker’s annual meeting in 2022. The The first of these new models will be launched in 2025. The brand says nothing will carry over from current vehicles to the next-gen models. Here’s everything we now know about Porsche’s new EV sports cars ahead of their arrival.

How will it look?

Related to the spy shots, the new Boxster appears to be taking on a sharper look than previous generations. There’s still a resemblance to the earlier cars, but the clean lines give the vehicle a less retro overall look. This rendition of it is from Motor1.com‘s artist.

the The lower panel has active slats. The vents can be closed when the extra air is not needed. Electric vehicles do not have the same cooling requirements as internal combustion engine vehicles. By retaining the large opening, the new Boxster retains a traditionally sporty look

The LED headlights have sharp contours. There are small vertical openings on the outer edges.

The general proportions make the Boxster EV look like a mid-engine because of the distance between the seats and the rear axle. It might fool people who see the new model but don’t realize there’s a new powertrain.

What is the powertrain and battery?

There aren’t many mechanical details available about the electric Boxster so far from the model’s launch. It is speculated that Porsche would offer a twin-engine, all-wheel-drive layout and a single-engine, rear-wheel drive setup. The output of each configuration is still a mystery.

Under the skin, the Porsche reportedly rides the foundations of the premium electric platform. It will also be below the new Macan EV, Audi A6 E-tronand many more models.

While we don’t have specifics about the Boxster’s battery, there are some details on other vehicles using the PSA platform to use as a guide. the The upcoming Macan EV will have a 100 kWh package. This device will reportedly charge on a 275kW to 280kW DC fast charger. This makes it possible to go from 5 to 80 percent in about 25 minutes.

when will we see it

Porsche says these electric vehicles will arrive in 2025, but there are still some questions. We don’t know if the Boxster and Cayman would make separate debuts or premiere at the same event. The exact launch date is also unknown.

How much will it cost?

It’s still too early to know how much Porsche would charge for the new electric vehicle. For comparison, the existing 718 Boxster starts at $66,950 down from $1,450. We certainly wouldn’t expect the company to charge less for the next-gen model compared to the existing model.

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