Porsche reinforces the 75th anniversary year with the new Vision 357 concept

Porsche celebrates its 75th anniversary as street legal sports car Manufacturers this year, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with a modern take on the car that started it all: 356 Roadster No. 1. Porsche pays tribute to its legendary firstborn with the not-so-subtle name Vision 357 – “an attempt to combine past, present and future with coherence, with proportions reminiscent of its historical idol and details that promise the prospects for the future visualize,” says Style Porsche VP Michael Mauer.

What we suspected would be a 911 variant turns out they were based on the 2023 instead caiman GT4 RS, but given how extensively it’s been modified, we doubt we were the only ones fooled. In front, the lower body panels behind the wheels were removed to allow for ventilation. The seamless frunk lid is a single piece with a quick release mechanism (inspired by Motorsports Body parts) and the sills are made of sustainable natural fiber reinforced plastic (think carbon fiberonly with more laxative properties).

This design study is peppered with homages to the 356 and the brand’s racing heritage. The darkened A-pillars allow the windshield and side windows to merge into a single optical opening, which is intended to resemble a helmet visor. The round headlights and rear grille that surrounds the CHMSL were both inspired by elements of the 356, and even the paintwork is said to be a throwback to the 1950s, when Porsche says shades of gray were already popular with its customers. According to Porsche, the wheels should be similar to those of the 356 A and 356 B. The 4.0-liter, 493-horsepower six-cylinder (along with the rest of the powertrain) comes across as unchanged.

Normally this is the part where we would go over how many (or rather, how few) of these Porsche plans to build, but for now this remains a concept — a fairly polished one at that. While Porsche has a habit of adapting popular design studies to the real world (look no further than that Carrera RS 2.7 Homage that was passed around Monterey last year; it entered the order books later than that Homage to Carrera RS), this would require more than paint and some custom aero bits to make this happen. Could it see life as a popular trim and decal package for the 718? Only time can tell.

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