Sales receipt Renault 2022 9%

Renault’s global sales in 2022 “in a context of restricted supply” fell by 9% to 1,466,729 units, of which 832,605 were delivered in Europe and 634,124 elsewhere.

European market share fell 0.7% to 6.4%, but the brand claimed “significant advances in the high-value areas”: the growing electrified market, C-segment, retail and LCV business.

The electrified sales mix increased by 9%, with the e-tech range (BEV and hybrid powertrains) accounting for 39% of Renault’s car sales in Europe in 2022, compared to the market average of 31%.

The Megane electric recorded 33,000 sales, with most being for tall versions with a range of 450km and Google OpenR Link. Sales outside of Europe will start this year.

Full hybrid sales rose 64% to 117,000 units with a mix of 30% Clio, 31% Captur, 65% Arkana and the core Austral.

Renault has met its retail target with more than one in two vehicles sold to private customers. Retail mix increased 8% from 2021 to 51%, which is 7% above the market average. Retail market share in Europe improved by 0.3% to 6.1%.

C-segment growth picks up speed: Renault sales grow by 21% with more than 200,000 registrations. The success of Renault Arkana continues, with already more than 80,000 sales in 2022 (double compared to 2021 – 41,800 sales).

The LCV market share remained stable at 14.4%.

Sales of 634,124 units were stable compared to 2021 and accounted for 43.2% of the total volume.

Turkey became Renault’s fourth largest market with 99,639 vehicles sold (+22.6%) and a market share up 1.7% to 12.7%.

In Morocco, sales increased by 11.4% to 26,385 vehicles and the market share reached a record high of 16.3% (+2.9%).

In India, sales fell 9% and market share fell 0.7%.

In Latin America, sales increased 8% to 283,116.

In Latin America, Renault outperforms with 283,116 sales, +8% compared to 2021. Sales were up 26% in Argentina and 30% in Mexico thanks to the success of Kwid, the fourth best-selling PC vehicle in Latin America. In Colombia, Renault is the market leader thanks to the Duster, the best-selling vehicle on the market.


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