Rolls-Royce Specter EV production could increase due to strong demand

Rolls-Royce had more than 300 pre-orders for the Specter in the US alone before the electric coupe was unveiled in October 2022. Strong demand has continued ever since, as CEO Torsten Mueller-TV says order intake exceeded company expectations. In a phone conversation with journalists this month, the chief honcho said that RR may need to adjust production if the trend continues in the future.

The Goodwood-based company will begin production of its first-ever electric vehicle in a matter of months, giving it time to decide if higher production output is needed to meet strong demand. The first deliveries to customers will take place in the last quarter of 2023. RR has had enough Specter commands despite an exorbitant starting price of 413,000 US dollars, it will be busy well into this year.

Rolls Royce Specter Exterior 12 830x497

The British brand arm of the BMW Group has described the Specter as the world’s first “ultra-luxury electric super coupe”. It’s the company’s second most expensive car after the $460,000 Phantom flagship with which it shares the platform. Wealthy individuals have been lining up to order the quiet land yacht, which will offer a range of 320 miles (520 kilometers) on the WLTP cycle.

The Specter has a starting price well below that The average Rolls-Royce customer spent €500,000 ($543,000) in 2022. Lest we forget that the company set a new all-time record last year by delivering more than 6,000 vehicles for the first time. Sales increased by 8% year-on-year to 6,021 units. This stately new non-combustion coupé is already becoming a commercial success that will continue to boost sales for years to come.

Specter, a 2,975-kilogram electric coupe, heralds the beginning of the end of the internal combustion engine. as a reminder Rolls-Royce has committed to selling only electric cars by 2030. MINI will follow suit early in the next decade, while BMW has no plans to phase out internal combustion engine cars any time soon. The core brand believes that EV charging infrastructure won’t be ready everywhere in the world anytime soon, meaning petrol cars will still make sense in some regions.

Source: Automotive News Europe


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