[8 Best] Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer (2022)

Welcome to choose your best soap sprayer for pressure washer. First, we would like to clarify what soap sprayer for pressure washer are and what they are used for.

Soap sprayers (or Snow Foamer ) are required for the pre-or main wash of the car. You create a cleansing foam with the help of snow foam shampoos. The foam is sprayed onto the car with the Snow Foamer. This loosens most of the dirt on the vehicle without causing scratches.

Laypeople often use sponges to remove dirt from the car. This rubs the dirt on the paintwork and scratches it. The foam treatment is a very nice end method, be washing car itself. After a short exposure time, the foam can then be sprayed off with a high-pressure cleaner and the car can be washed again.

Beware of confusion: If you search for soap sprayer for pressure washer on the Internet, you will often find the name pressure sprayer. These are used in the household and in the garden to spray on certain agents. They are not suitable for producing foam. Therefore try to terms such as ” foam sprayer “, ” foam sprayer “, ” foam generator “, ” Snow Foamer “, ” foamer ” or ” Foamsprayer to pay in order to buy the right product.” Or just have a look at the well-rated products of our soap sprayer for pressure washer test in our test table. There you can be sure that you will also get a device for foam.

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Best Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: Tool Daily Foam Cannon

If you literally don’t have a lot of time to read the entire article. Then you can also go for this “Tool Daily Foam Cannon”. All the best on this list. But I will personally recommend it to you. You can take it if you want, if you don’t have much time to read the whole article, and if you have time, scroll down and choose what you like best.

The Daily Foam Cannon Tool is ideal for cleaning cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, roofs, treadmills, windows and more. The 1 liter cannon has a quick four-inch slot and includes five nozzles: 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree and 65-degree. Simply attach the appliance to a gun or pressure washer after filling it with soap and warm water. Next, adjust the button based on the amount of foam you want to distribute.

The different nozzles can be used for different applications, such as cleaning a vehicle or investing in your home. Users report that the Daily Foam Cannon Tool dispenses thick foam and you can adjust it from a wide, soft foam fan to a more concentrated, narrow blast. The bottle feels strong and well made and looks like products that are more expensive. Overall, it is simple to set up and easy to use.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon - Price checking button

How do you use soap sprayer for pressure washer?

Foam sprayers are quite easy to use. You mix a car shampoo with a foam-producing agent (called Snow Foam * ) and water. As a rule, 50 ml of snow foam and 5 ml of car shampoo are used for one liter of water. But pay attention to the mixing ratio that is specified for the respective products. This can be very different for some products.

We also recommend the use of foam and shampoo with neutral ph. These protect your car parts and your Snow Foamer. This is because devices are rarely designed for highly alkaline or acidic products. That is why they should be rinsed thoroughly with water after each use.

Buyer Guide Before Selecting a Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer

Buyer Guide Before Selecting a Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer

The capacity of the tank

Common sizes for the tank are 1-10 liters. When deciding which size to buy, you should above all have your own vehicle in mind. The larger the tank, the greater the effort involved in pumping. Because only if there is a lot of pressure on the boiler does a nice spray pattern result. In addition, for a small vehicle, of course, only a little foam is required. So if you want to spray a VW Golf with a 10-liter tank, you first pump a wolf, and then at the end, you have foam for 3 more vehicles. This is of course a waste of time and money. We generally recommend foam sprayers with a capacity of 1-2 liters for normal cars and snow foamers from 5 liters for vans and trucks.

Hand pump

Serious differences in pump quality may already occur. This is how it happened in the foam sprayer test that two products with the same capacity required a very different number of pumping processes to reach full pressure. It is of course annoying when one 2 liter sprayer has built up to full pressure after pumping 30 times and another Snow Foamer only after 80 pumping times.

spray nozzle

The spray head is responsible for regulating the degree of foam discharge. Of course, this should result in a clean, even fan. With bad models, you often see that the foamer is dripping or the foam is not sprayed out evenly. Often you will also find felt inserts in the heads, which additionally promote the formation of foam.

Pressure relief valve

A pressure relief valve is responsible for ensuring that there is no excessive pressure in the tank. Once the pressure becomes too high, the valve lets air out of the Snow Foamer. The valve is also a good signal to stop pumping and spraying foam. If a foam sprayer does not have a pressure relief valve, we strongly advise you not to buy it.

8 Best Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer

If you read these instructions carefully, Then you will not face any problem while finding the best soap sprayer for pressure washer.

But if you want to go with an easier way then I have listed the 8 best soap sprayer for pressure washer. Because I have included all the things in my research.

1. Tool Daily Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: Tool Daily Foam Cannon
Tool Daily Foam Cannon - Price checking button

The sparkling cannon of the daily toolbox offers what we all want – top price with low cost. I’m not sure how they do it, but their cannon is more expensive than I expected for its price. By the way, the cannon costs similar to most other “cheap” cannons.

Except for the bottle, everything else in this cannon is brass and it feels great. The plastic of the bottle was also sturdy. In terms of build quality, this foam tool from the “tool daily” definitely beats over its weight.

And that’s probably why this cannon can easily withstand 4000 psi. Therefore, washing with this cannon when you have a high pressure washer is not a problem. On the contrary, the ability to withstand high pressure will make it easier to wash with this cannon.

This is a 1L soap cannon available in a clear bottle. The standard γρήγο quick connector is there.

Another amazing thing about this cannon is the 5 extra nozzles on the package. The nozzle package includes nozzles 0 ° (red), 15 ° (yellow), 25 ° (green), 40 ° (white), 65 ° (black). One 65 ° is made of brass while the others are made of stainless steel. The extra nozzle package is as high quality as the cannon.

This wide range of nozzles makes this cannon flexible. You can either have a strong spray coming out of this 0 ° nozzle for persistent dirt or a wide fan spray coming out of the 65 ° nozzle or anything in between the other nozzles. Makes for various uses of the cannon.


  • Choice of angles
  • Budget-conscious
  • Straightforward to use
  • Premiums in the budget
  • 5 extra nozzles make it suitable for various uses
  • High-quality brass
  • 1/4″ quick disconnect


  • No instruction manual
Tool Daily Foam Cannon - Price checking button

2. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon
DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon - Price checking button

The Dusichin Foam Cannon is our number 2 pick on our list of the soap sprayer for pressure washer. The reason behind this is – It does what many expensive soap cannons can not do, but it has a very competitive price.

Do not let it fool you with the price, it offers much better performance than what it costs.

It is a heavy-duty soap cannon with a capacity of 33 oz (1 liter), which can fit enough solution to cover at least 5 cars with foam. The Quick Disconnect Adapter επιτρέπει “lets you connect and disconnect frequently.

The connectors are made of high-quality brass for longevity and stable connection to the pressure washer.

With the Dusichin Foam Cannon in hand, you are in the driver’s seat. You can check how thick you want the foam layer to be. There is a soap mix knob that lets you choose whether it will have more water and fewer foam bubbles or less water and more foam bubbles.

Not only that, but the adjustable spray nozzle also lets you choose the design you want: a water column pattern or a fan pattern. All control is in your hand when you have the Dusichin Foam Cannon.

This cannon requires the pressure washer to have a pressure of over 1000 PSI and 1.2 GPM, keep this in mind.


  • Offers a lot of adjustability’s
  • Quick disconnect adapter
  • Durable
  • Competitively priced, amazing value for money


  • Tend to not pull soap in a few cases
DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon - Price checking button

3. Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: Twinkle Star Foam Cannon
Twinkle Star Foam Cannon - Price checking button

The Twinkle Star Foam Cannon has five tubes and a quick 1/4 inch connection. Form Cannon is made of durable copper to prevent leakage. The nozzle of the car foam cannon can be adjusted to create a wide and narrow spray, while the knob at the top adjusts the thickness of the foam. Pressure washers must be above 2.0 GPM and above 1000 PSI to operate properly.

Plus, you do not need a lot of soap to do a good job. The wide bottom of the bottle allows even the heavy metal parts of the barrel to stand upright, while the wide mouth fills quickly with soap.

However, the Twinkle Star Foam Cannon is a bit heavy, which can hinder you if you use it. And although it is possible, it flows from above. Also, the accessories are not of the best quality, and the bottle is not in demand.


  • Hard-wearing plastic bottle
  • Durable plastic bottle
  • Precision-built nozzles


  • Not well-matched with regular hoses
Twinkle Star Foam Cannon - Price checking button

4. TriNova Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: TriNova Foam Cannon
TriNova Foam Cannon - Price checking button

TriNova’s foam cannon is my one of the best pick for the best soap sprayer for pressure washer

The manufacturer claims that their foam cannon is premium from other cheap cannons and I do not disagree with them. Their foam cannon costs a little more than the cheaper cannons, but I think it’s worth it.

When we talk about premium products, it is always the little things that take good care of them. These small details make a difference in the user experience.

Take the TriNova cannon for example. Do you hate it when your cannon keeps tipping over with the slightest unconscious push or a gentle breeze? I accept.

Almost no other manufacturer has taken this into account, but TriNova has taken it seriously. They have redesigned their cannon and made it wider at the base – the problem is solved. A small correction, but more relief for the user, and that is the meaning of premium products.

Not only the base, but they also have a wide neck. A common problem with foam cannons is a broken neck because that is where most of the pressure is exerted. This issue is addressed in the TriNova foam gun with the widest and strongest neck.

Not only that, but this cannon works great with any psi pressure washer. Other cannons seem to require washing presses with a minimum reported psi to work properly, but it does not. And it is also quite easy to use.

The superiority is also felt in the bottle. It is made of excellent materials so that it looks solid and promises not to break soon.


  • Wider base & neck
  • Made out of premium material all over
  • Supports washer of any psi


  • Costs little more than generic foam cannons
TriNova Foam Cannon - Price checking button

5. Fasmov Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: Fasmov Foam Cannon
Fasmov Foam Cannon - Price checking button

Following an accurate suggestion, here is another kind of value for you. The fasmov foam cannon has flooded its users with the performance it provided contrary to their expectations from such an affordable cannon.

I have suggested several similar products that are priced in the budget range but work great, however, I could not avoid the Fasmov cannon. This cannon is amazing at producing a crazy volume of foam from a limited amount of soap.

Looks like another affordable soap cannon out there and has standard features like a 1/4 “quick disconnect adapter, brass connectors, 1-liter container bottle, and so on.

The freedom to control the suction of the cleaning fluid remains there. And you can still adjust the spray angle by adjusting the nozzle.

This build quality is at the same level, neither bad nor excellent. Made of decent plastic, it will serve you for quite some time.

Shocked users of this cannon claim that this cannon works like a $ 50 cannon in terms of foam volume and thickness and I think I agree with them.


  • Produces a lot of foam for a minimum amount of soap
  • Features all the standards
  • Inexpensive yet works amazingly


  • Build-quality is not the best I’ve seen
Fasmov Foam Cannon - Price checking button

6. Blisstime Snow Foam Lance

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: Blisstime Snow Foam Lance
Blisstime Snow Foam Lance - Price checking button

This is another cheap standard cannon that is great at doing the job.

It has a standard holding capacity of 1 liter of cleaning fluid. The bottle is made of good quality plastic and felt sturdy. However, it is not the most well-made bottle, so do not stress it out too much.

However, the connectors are made of high-quality glossy brass. It felt premium and looked amazing.

The customization options are there. You can also check the foam concentration and spray pattern. The cannon exploded thick and thin foam.

A distinctive feature of the cannon is that it includes a chenille microfiber car wash glove as a gift. It’s a great bonus to have and it saves you money – a great free gift to serve its original purpose in the best way: to clean your car.


  • Produces thick and delicate foam
  • It comes with a car wash mitt
  • Inexpensive


  • It does not produce thick suds when pressure washer recommendations are not met
Blisstime Snow Foam Lance - Price checking button

7. McKillans Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: McKillans Foam Cannon
McKillans Foam Cannon - Price checking button

If you want the best of both worlds and you want to spend something between the price of a high-quality cannon and a budget cannon, you are ready for a treat. The McKillans foam cannon is great for people with a low GPM pressure washer.

Just like the Fasmov foam cannon, it produces the foam you expect from a more expensive cannon. But the even better news is that the quality issue has been resolved very well in this McKillans unit.

If I want to categorize it with similar cannons, this will happen with the TriNova cannon. At a similar price, both guns work quite similarly.

It is a semi-premium foam gun with performance and builds quality that is quite close to a premium model. This standard foam cannon has all the typical features you would expect.

However, this cannon is different from the quality of construction it offers for the money. Made of thick and strong translucent plastic, this cannon is expected to last for years. High-quality brass easily withstands high water pressure.


  • Works great with pressure washers of low GPM
  • Produces nice & thick foam
  • Better-built for the money


  • The bottle thread tends to leak air sometimes
McKillans Foam Cannon - Price checking button

8. POHIR Foam Cannon

Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer: POHIR Foam Cannon
POHIR Foam Cannon - Price checking button

Foam Cannon POHIR, Foam Cannon for pressure washer, Adjustable snow foam spear with quick connection 1/4 ”, 1-liter Foam Gun Blaster Essential Pressure Washer Washers for Car Washing fits my electric washer without any problem.

It can be filled with different types of soaps. Electric washing machines have different soaps for cleaning concrete or wood or other things. You could also just put car wash soap in it and use it to leave your car before you wash it.

Very simple to use and has an adjustable nozzle. This is a very simple product that works as it should. Well made and easy to use.


  • Inexpensive but it works great
  • Shoots out a LOT of foam
  • Durable, easy to connect and set- up and use


  • Too heavy for sprayer
POHIR Foam Cannon - Price checking button

So this was my list with the best soap sprayer for pressure washer. If you are not familiar with this industry, you should know that these are products from trusted brands. Most of the soap sprayers have been on the market for many years, there are thousands of reports by users and all is known about them. You might like also:

We tested them all and identified our best options.

In addition, everyone should be careful about their car. Because if the car is right, you can do all this well. So you have to take care of the car as well. That’s why it is important to know how to maintain your car to last many years. Here have we discussed it with proper guidance and 24 great tips and tricks. You can also check for 15 Effective Tips To Make Your Engine Run Like New.

FAQ: Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer

As I explained earlier, the selection process is not that simple. This is why many people like you face so many challenges.

This is why I have added some of them to this post and try my best to provide relevant answers.

FAQ: Soap Sprayer For Pressure Washer

Does a foam cannon really work?

Yes. A quality foam barrel together with a pressure washer that provides a sufficient amount of pressure works well. There is no better way to apply a thick layer of foam to the surface of your car. All that remains is a good scrub with a wash glove and one last wash.

Do you need a foam cannon pressure washer?

It depends. Most foam cannons require a pressure washer, however, there are some specialized types that work with a garden hose. Although, this type of foam cannon will not have the same power as a regular foam cannon.

Do you wet the car before the snow foam?

When cleaning your car, always put snow foam in a dry car. If the car is already wet, not only will it act as a barrier that prevents foam from penetrating dirt and grime, but it will also cause the foam to flow. Basically, washing your well costs money on the sewer.

Does the foam clean better?

Yes, foam cleans much better than other car wash methods. Using foam not only improves overall cleanliness but also keeps your car cleaner for longer. Foam residues act as a barrier between the surface of your car and dirt and grime.

Which PSI is safe for car washing?

A pressure washer set between 1200 and 1900 psi is best. If it is higher than this, you risk damaging the surface of your car. It is also recommended that the pressure washer does not dispense more water than 1.4-1.6 GPM.

Is it worth using a pressure washer?

Definitely. A pressure washer can significantly improve your ability to keep your car clean, fresh, and looking its best. Pressure washers also save a lot of time and energy, significantly reducing the time and effort required to wash the car.

Can you use any car wash soap on a foam cannon?

Not necessarily. The key element that makes cannon foam soap suitable for application in this way is its pH level. A high pH soap used on a foam cannon could potentially damage the surface of a car. Therefore, the use of specialized or professional foam is recommended.

Can I use wash and wax on a foam cannon?

Yes. In fact, washing and waxing seem to work quite well when dispensed by a foam cannon. Just make sure the pH level of the wash and wax is not too acidic and not too thick. Thick washing and waxing can clog a foam cannon.

Can you use Dawn on a foam cannon?

Of course, you can try. However, using a product like this on the surface of a car can remove the transparent coat or paint the surface of your car. Therefore, it is not recommended. Instead, use a topping foam or specialized cannon foam soap for best results.

Why does my foam cannon not work?

There can be many reasons why your foam cannon does not work properly. First, make sure there is enough water pressure. Next, try rinsing and rinsing all the foam cannon nozzles, staples, and accessories. Lastly, make sure your soap is not too thick.

I hope the whole article has helped you a lot to choose the best soap sprayer for pressure washer. If you want to get more Automotive Accessories real Reviews, Guides don't miss to visit. Stay with us for more better Automotive Accessories valuable information. thanks for visiting.