Stellantis creates a new business unit “Data as a Service”.

Stellantis announced the formation of Mobilisights, an independent business unit fully dedicated to growing the company’s Data as a Service (DaaS) business and developing and licensing innovative B2B products, applications and services.

Mobilisights products will be available to a wide variety of entities, including private businesses, public utilities, education and research institutions, driving data-driven decision-making and enabling a broad portfolio of applications and services.

As one of the seven value-added business units announced in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Mobilisights represents an important step in Stellantis’ efforts to grow and accelerate its software and data businesses.

“Mobilisights’ vision is to contribute to a smarter world and use the insights gained from vehicle data to inspire innovative applications and services that can transform and dramatically improve the daily lives of users and businesses,” said Sanjiv Ghate, CEO of Mobilisights.

“Used effectively, sensor and other data available from connected vehicles can enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits, ranging from personalized, usage-based insurance to road hazard detection and traffic management. With 14 iconic brands and millions of connected vehicles, Stellantis has an unmatched global data scale capable of driving this business.”

Leveraging the full data footprint of the 34 million connected vehicles it aims to reach by the end of the decade, Mobilisights will have exclusive access and rights to license vehicle and associated data across all Stellantis brands to external customers. It is said that such data density will give Mobilisights a greater degree of autonomy when it comes to relying on other data providers to run applications.

Stellantis’ software strategy leverages next-generation technology platforms and builds on existing connected car capabilities to transform the way customers interact with their vehicles. This strategy, which was detailed during Stellantis Software Day in December 2021, is expected to generate around €20 billion in additional annual revenue by 2030. Mobilisights will make a significant contribution to this revenue.

Mobilisights and its partners will operate within a very strict data management and privacy policy. This includes the use of anonymised and aggregated data and the disclosure of customers’ personal data only with their consent and only for the specific services of their choice. Customers can also opt out of the collection, use, or disclosure of information, even after they have provided their consent.

“The basis of this whole business is trust,†said Sanjiv Ghate. “Trust in our custody of data and trust that we are here to create a better world.â€‌

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