Inside Steven Spielberg’s real estate portfolio – including his mega yacht

Steven Spielberg’s home in Pacific Palisades on the May 1989 cover Architecture Digest.O

Photo: Mary E Nichols

It doubled in size to 20,000 square feet; created a Hobbit TV room with mushroom-shaped windows, a retractable TV screen and curved walls; and installed a 14,000-gallon curved aquarium in the master bathroom. In the mid-’90s, he added two important buildings to the property: a guest house and a study, which he wanted to integrate “as if they had always been there,” he said DISPLAY in April 1994. The three buildings are connected by a spiral ramp, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s late work. Spielberg too Added Vineyard2013 on the estate. The principal and his current wife, Kate Capshaw, still consider this compound their primary residence and it was appreciatedAccording to website Celebrity Net Worth, it is said to be worth over $100 million.


Spielberg acquired the first of two Malibu properties that would become a mega-compound this year for $3.375 million. More than a decade later, in 2000, he bought the second for $3.2 million. The two-lot spread encompassed 1.41 acres with a 7,237 square foot main house and a separate self-contained guest house Built in Arts & Crafts style, The seven-bedroom, eight-and-a-half-bathroom residence featured a media lounge with a fireplace, a bay window dining area and a spacious home theater. The master suite on the second floor had an oceanfront terrace, a massage room, and a private library. Spielberg and Capshaw set up the sprawling residence 2013 for rent, He was charging $125,000 a month (it later went up to $150,000 a month) before finally coming to sell it in an off-market deal for $26 million in 2015.


Next, Spielberg expanded its East Hampton holdings with the purchase of a 1900s home for $20 million. The Hollywood icon immediately razed the existing home and planned to build a new mansion in its place on the three-acre lot by the pond, but the plans came to nothing for years. Finally, in 2014, he did silently listed the void Georgica Cove property for $24.5 million. It sold for $21.25 million a few months later.


Spielberg then turned his attention from land to sea and commissioned the construction of a 282-foot megayacht that he named seven seas after his seven children and his wife. Built by Dutch company Oceano, the oceanic behemoth featured four decks, a swimming pool, multiple spas, a full movie theater, and a helipad. It Space for up to 20 guests in its nine cabins and up to 28 crew members and with its 77,000 gallon fuel tank could potentially make a transatlantic voyage. The master suite on the upper level featured a private study, walk-in closet and spacious bathroom with jacuzzi. SpielbergÒ listed seven seas for $160 million in spring 2021 andÓ sold it a few months later for reported $150 million, to billionaire steel baron Barry Zekelman. The yacht has since been renamed آ accordingly man of Steel. It was rumored that in 2019,Т Spielberg hired Oceano to build a new, even larger yacht at 358 feet.


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