Tesla is releasing the “Magic Dock” CCS adapter ahead of the opening of its Supercharger network

Tesla has released the Magic Dock CCS adapter on its mobile app ahead of the upcoming opening of its Supercharger network in North America.

After the Supercharger network opened in Europe last year and announced it would do the same in North America by the end of the year, we were a little disappointed when it didn’t.

However, we know it’s still imminent and it really could happen any day, or it could already be in some sort of “soft launch.”

Unlike in Europe, where Tesla is already using the CCS connector, we knew Tesla would have a harder time opening up its Supercharger network in North America since it uses its own proprietary connector in the market.

The move to Open sourced its plug to make it the new North American charging standard made the plan murkier late last year, but it seems Tesla’s plan still is to offer a CCS adapter at its charging stations to support non-Tesla EVs.

Now Tesla seems to have leaked the solution in its latest mobile app update, which includes an updated depiction of the Supercharger status:

In this picture, the connector receptacle is completely different and much larger. It corresponds to the description of Drive Tesla Canadareceived the information about the device named “Magic Dock”.

Basically, the Magic Dock is a CCS adapter that serves as a new Tesla connection dock when you don’t need CCS – aka for Tesla owners.

But for non-Tesla EV owners, you can undock both and use the Supercharger with the CCS adapter.

The update in the mobile app could indicate that Tesla is preparing to deploy this solution at its Supercharger station in North America.

Further evidence of the impending launch comes from people spotting “CCS compatibility” at some supercharger stations, including Tesla’s Hawthorne Supercharger station in Los Angeles:

As such, you should check your local supercharger to see if this Tesla Magic Dock is appearing in some locations.

If you see it, please take some photos and let us know.

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