Tesla releases a new software update with automatic steering wheel heating and sentry mode lighting

Tesla has started releasing a new software update for its fleet of customer vehicles with two new features: Automatic heated steering wheel and Sentry mode lighting.

The car manufacturer writes about the new Auto Steering Wheel Heat function in the release notes of the new software update 2023.2.0.5:

Set your heated steering wheel to regulate its temperature automatically based on the set temperature of the air conditioning. To access the heated steering wheel controls, tap on the temperature settings to bring up the climate control panel.

Of course, this only applies to Tesla vehicles with heated steering wheels.

With the new software update, Tesla is also significantly expanding the Sentry mode.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode is an integrated surveillance system in Tesla’s vehicles that uses the Autopilot cameras around the car – it changed the game when it comes to damaging parked cars.

It builds on TeslaCam, an integrated dash cam system.

On several occasions, Sentry Mode videos have gone viral and The vandals turned themselves in after the online print. In other cases it is helped police with video evidence to identify and locate the vandals.

But there have also been footage of strange events surrounding Tesla vehicles and amazing moments that show the performance of Tesla’s vehicles. We build a list of some of those moments a few years ago.

Tesla has also built on the feature to release new ones – most recently a new live camera view feature.

Sentry mode can not only film what’s happening around the car, but also detect potential “threats” and sound an alarm to deter those potential threats.

Now with the new software update 2023.2.0.5 Tesla is adding a pulse of headlights to the system:

When a threat is detected, Sentry Mode gently pulses the headlights to indicate your vehicle is recording video. The pulsing stops after 60 seconds or when the vehicle is unlocked.

The new software update has now started rolling out to Tesla’s customer fleet, but it may take a few days to even a few weeks for it to reach the entire fleet.


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