Tesla is secretly downgrading dynamometers and hiding it

Tesla has secretly downgraded its performance breaks on the Model Y Performance and even applied camouflage to hide the change in a deceptive move.

When going from a Model Y Long Range to a Model Y Performance, the biggest difference is arguably the Performance brakes.

You also get quicker acceleration and a higher top speed, but these are basically software unlocked as the powertrain in the vehicles is pretty much the same.

There are bigger wheels too, but that’s a positive or negative depending on how you look at it.

The bigger Brembo brakes are arguably the most important upgrade for the money to step up to the top performance version.

However, we now learn that Tesla downgraded the brakes and did so in a very sneaky and fraudulent manner.

ZEV centereda company that makes accessories for Tesla vehicles spotted and revealed the change.

Working on some customers’ Model Ys and some of their own Model Y vehicles, the company discovered the downgrade:

We already have a 2020Ò MYLR and a 2022Ò MYP owned by other members of the company and have now added a proprietary 2023 MYP for further development. We brought all 3 into the office for some comparisons and a quick teardown. At this point we decided to snap some photos, shoot a video, take some measurements and reveal what’s behind the back covers. Little did we know, not many people knew about this downgrade and Tesla still markets it as a performance upgrade on their website.

The Model Y’s performance upgrade brings a rear Brembo caliper and a 2mm thicker rotor with additional bleeding features.

The company noticed this around September when Tesla began replacing the Brembo caliper (right) with a new Mando brake (left):

The company now says the rotor is 2mm thinner with the downgrade.

Here is also a comparison of the pads on both calipers, which clearly shows that Brembo’s size is larger:

ZEV Centric, a brakes expert, believes this is a significant downgrade and believes that Tesla should supply them with the Brembo brakes as the change was not reflected in Tesla’s Model Y configurator.

Tesla is known to have implemented cost-cutting efforts in recent years by removing features such as: Remove controls for passenger’s lumbar support and ultrasonic sensors.

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