The Genesis GV60’s biometric technology locked me out of my house, but it’s not the car’s fault

The Genesis GV60 is a great little electric vehicle; It’s fast, quirky, and super cute on the inside. It’s also the first production car that you can climb into and drive solely through the use of biometric technology – No key fob or smartphone required. You can unlock the GV60 with your face and turn it on with yours fingerprint; it even remembers your seating position and personal settings. man, really is the future.

The biometric system is incredibly easy to set up. You’ll need to have both GV60 key fobs in the car to create your driver profile, but this task takes less than five minutes. You’ll have to roll your finger around on the touchpad to get all the different parts of your footprint, then gaze longingly into the facial recognition camera on the driver’s side B-pillar. By the way, privacy concerns don’t need to panic; genesis says that all your personal data is always only stored in the car and cannot be accessed by third parties.

But as adept as the biometric system is, using this technology on a day-to-day basis will definitely take some getting used to. Which brings me to where I found myself last week: falling butt first through my kitchen window.

The Genesis GV60's biometric technology locked me out of my house, but it's not the car's fault The fingerprint sensor in the center console of the GV60. (Photo: Steven Ewing)

If you’re like me, your car keys and house keys are always together. I mean, why shouldn’t they be? I have a house key on the ring for my ’99 Miata and a second on a carabiner that I clip to it fob of every rental vehicle that I check. I can’t think of a scenario where I drive away with my car keys and don’t lock the house on the way out. And since I never had to take the GV60’s key with me while testing it, I ended up leaving my house key behind.

This was not an isolated case either. A few times during my week with the GV60, I got down half the block before having this “oh damn” realization. I think the positive side here is that I now know how easy it is to remove the screen from one of my windows and my patio chairs are very stable to pull yourself up. Also, wow, I haven’t had to break into my own house since I was a teenager sneaking in path after curfew. Falling in the kitchen sink really puts me back.

The Genesis GV60's biometric technology locked me out of my house, but it's not the car's fault Photo: Steven Ewing
The Genesis GV60's biometric technology locked me out of my house, but it's not the car's fault The facial recognition scanner in the B-pillar on the driver’s side. (Photo: Steven Ewing)

Still, I imagine the longer you live with the Genesis, the faster you’d retrain your brain on things like remembering your keys. But that’s not the only part of the GV60 experience that requires a mental rewire. Your natural instinct to get in the car, step on the brake pedal and press the start button now requires an extra step. You’ll need to double authenticate yourself in the car by pressing your pointer on the fingerprint reader in the center console. Why isn’t this right next to the GV60’s on/off switch – but in the GV70à Crossover – is a mystery. I kept forgetting to do one before the other or what to press first.

Locking the GV60 also requires more attention. Instead of just pressing a button on a key fob when walking away, you have to slide your finger over the driver’s door handle and use the facial recognition camera to electronically lock the car. Oddly enough, I found this step, while unnecessarily complicated, to be much easier to remember, perhaps because of those door handles sticking out like lateral whorls.

Learning curve aside, the GV60’s biometric integration is simple and effective, and I have no doubt this technology will spread like wildfire through the Genesis lineup, the larger Hyundai Motor Group and, frankly, the entire auto industry. The more I used it, the more I could imagine living day to day without a keychain. Well, assuming I remember my house key.


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