The Home Depot installs a solar system on the roof of its stores

The home depotà will install a 13-megawatt solar array on the roof of 25 of its stores.

The Home Depot rooftop solar system

solar company DSD Renewable EnergyÒ is working with Ò the DIY giant to install solar roofs on their stores, all located in California. The solar rooftop systems will directly power the company’s stores within the portfolio.

Construction will begin in early 2023, and once fully online, the solar rooftop arrays are expected to generate more than 17 million kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually. That’s the equivalent of taking 2,648 petrol cars off the road every year.

Home Depot’s goal is to produce or source 100% renewable energy to meet the power needs of all of its facilities by 2030. There are nearly 2,300 Home Depot locations across North America, and the average Home Depot is about 104,000 square feet, so there’s a lot of empty rooftop space just waiting to be covered with solar panels.

But these aren’t the first rooftop solar arrays for Home Depot; they’ve been around ever since at least 2017when it partnered with Current, a subsidiary of GE, and Tesla.

DSD and The Home Depot are collaborating on additional solar projects in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts, with additional projects planned in Arizona, California, Illinois and New York.

Dan O’Brien, DSD’s vice president of direct access, said:

This project highlights 98 (Home Depot) stores that have deployed solar roofs with DSD.

The Home Depot shares our commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and we welcome the expansion of its renewable energy program.

In January 2022, electr reported that the annual solar potential on Home Depot’s rooftop was 2,732.8 GWh.

Electrek’s take

Installing rooftop solar panels on large retail rooftops is a breeze. Put it anywhere. Otherwise it is completely wasted space. Keep it up, home depot.

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Photos: DSD Renewable energy

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