These are the cars Jalopnik employees are most looking forward to in 2023

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What they don’t usually tell you on the track is that the superior experience isn’t in doing lonely hot laps, but instead in riding along while someone who really knows what they’re doing is doing hot laps. That takes some of the danger out of the equation, because the driver is adept at setting hot laps and you’re not.

It’s also the more enjoyable experience because instead of being stressed out because you’re driving an expensive car that you may or may not have an accident with, you’re sitting in the passenger seat very cool and relaxed, almost all experiencing the same thrills. For example, a guy once took me for a ride in a Ferrari 812 GTS and I can tell you it was awesome as hell.

This is my path for 2023, and not just on the track. you want to drive Please. I’ll take the shotgun.


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