Top 3 F1 drivers who need to change their teams

To be successful in Formula 1, synergy is one of the most important things. A great driver in a bad team is not a good combination, nor is a bad driver in a top team. However, what is a great combination is a top driver driving for a top team, a solid driver driving midfield and so on.

The F1 grid tends to sort itself this way most of the time, but even when it does, there are always a few pieces missing. There’s always a rider that should be on a better team than the one he’s on right now because he can’t get the results his rides deserve on his current team.

In simple terms, the rider is limited by the machinery at their disposal and that’s never a good thing. Even on the current F1 grid, there are drivers who just don’t synergize with teams and have to switch teams whenever the opportunity arises. Who are these drivers we are talking about? Well, let’s take a look!

#1 Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

The crash at Paul Ricard was almost like a Déjà-vu Moment for fans who have been following the sport for a while. A Ferrari driver trying to push a little too much because he doesn’t trust the strategy. In the end, the Ferrari driver collapses under enormous pressure and makes a mistake. This mistake sends him into the wall and costs him a chance to win the race.

Many fans also saw this story with Sebastian Vettel at the helm a few years ago. The German loved Ferrari and was keen to be successful with the Italian team. However, the constant shortcomings, politics, as well as the inability to maintain Mercedes’ level of performance left Vettel too busy.

The incomparable Vettel, who was a juggernaut at Red Bull, was gone and the newcomer just wasn’t reliable. The stint at Ferrari mentally devastated Vettel and it took him almost a year to recover from it. Charles Leclerc was on the same boat last F1 season.

The constant pitfalls, strategic mistakes, reliability issues and the team’s inability to admit their mistakes made Leclerc very vulnerable. Luckily for Vettel, he already had four titles under his belt when he joined Ferrari, so his legacy was already carved. Leclerc doesn’t have that privilege. To be fair, he hasn’t even properly competed in a title fight.

When it comes to fighting for titles, it’s safe to say that Ferrari hasn’t been the team to be with over the last 15 years. The Italy squad is a revolving door for top drivers and team bosses and when drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and hag can’t achieve sustained success for the team, it’s hard to imagine how Leclerc would do that.

Charles Leclerc needs to pack his bags and look around because Ferrari isn’t the place to win titles these days.

#2 Lando Norris (McLaren F1)

Lando Norris is one of the more underrated talents in Formula 1. However, it is safe to say that he is also to blame. The driver has been approached by Red Bull on several occasions, according to Christian Horner, but has opted to sign extensions with McLaren instead.

Farewell Andrew! It’s been great working with you over the past few years. I’ve never seen our team as strong as it is now, and part of that is thanks to the work you’ve put in. Good luck in the new job mate, I’m sure I’ll see you.

Well that was something that made sense in 2021 when it seemed McLaren was on an uptrend. However, the 2022 F1 season has opened up fresh speculation surrounding McLaren and the team’s ceiling. The top teams on the F1 grid have worked hard to create the whole structure around their respective drivers. Red Bull did that with Max Verstappen, Ferrari with him Charles Leclerc and Mercedes did that with Lewis Hamilton.

The problem with Norris Trying to achieve the same synergy with McLaren is that the team’s ceiling is still unknown. There is some confusion as to how much progress the team could make up the pecking order. At the moment, Norris, easily one of the top five drivers on the grid, must decide if McLaren can deliver what it hasn’t delivered in the past decade, which is an F1 championship challenger.

#3 Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin)

Yes, we agree that this is a bit premature, but listen to us! Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin are a combination destined not only to fail but to violently incinerate. If we’re being honest about Aston Martin, Lawrence Stroll bought a team that finished fourth/fifth in the F1 Championship while it was very tight on funds and turned it into a team that wasn’t short of funds, but utterly lack of synergies.

If we ignore the 2020 F1 season, which saw the team essentially race a year-old Mercedes, there’s not much to show in terms of results. The signings were high quality and from winners like red bull and Mercedes, but as far as results go, there’s not much to see there. On the other hand, the operational side of the team is a complete disaster. Lance Stroll takes one of the spots because this is basically his team and the strategic unit was abysmal in their race execution last season.

The last nail in the straw is the ephemeral nature of Lawrence Stroll and Alonso. While the team had a four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel who didn’t complain much to the media and struck out even when the conditions weren’t ideal, Alonso won’t do that.

Alonso does not allow mediocrity in the F1 team he is part of and at times his behavior can polarize the team. At Aston Martin, a team that has historically underperformed, we look at a partnership destined to ignite.

For Alonso, a driver on the final leg of his F1 career, Aston Martin is not the team to concern himself with and a move elsewhere is certainly prudent for the Spanish F1 legend.

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