Toyota AE86 becomes ZEV for Tokyo Auto Salon

the Toyota Exhibitions this weekend 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon and Tokyo Outdoor Show are divided into three categories: “Building Ever Better Motorsport Cars”, “Carbon Neutrality to Protect Cars You Love” and “Diverse Lifestyles to Enjoy with Cars You Love”, plus an additional sub-theme of “Toyota : Leaving no car lovers behind.” We’ll be checking out the final three here in the forms of the AE86 in light of two alternative powertrain transplants and the announcement of vintage cars land cruiser parts. The AE86 – a car that hasn’t been produced since 1987 – seems more popular today than it was in 2015 when it was road & track labeled it “a cult icon inextricably linked to the early days of drifting.” To help the aging coupe yearn toward a carbon-neutral future, Toyota engineers built a version of the AE86 hatchback with a hydrogen internal combustion engine and another with a battery electric powertrain.

The automaker has been toying with hydrogen internal combustion engines for some time to give enthusiasts while eliminating the visceral sensations of driving ICE vehicles emissions. In the hydrogen take two high pressure H2 Storage tanks borrowed from the Mirai sit in the trunk. They feed an optimized version of the AE86’s standard 1.6-litre twin-cam four-cylinder. Toyota said in an effort to retain the character of the original, “other modifications, including injectors, fuel lines and spark plugshave been reduced to a minimum.”

The BEV is fully committed to the zero-emissions mandate prius Battery in the trunk, an electric motor from the tundra Hybrid and a manual gearbox likely similar to what Toyota is designing for Lexus‘electric supercar. We’re told that the package “creates a vehicle that’s even more fun to drive than the original”, but we can’t imagine that Initial D‘s Takumi Fujiwara would agree.

Both vintage hatchbacks receive an interior makeover using used Bride racing buckets, the fabrics, upholstery and four-point seat belts, all made from recycled materials.

On the truck Side story, Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) plans to release more new parts for more vintage Land Cruisers. the TGR Heritage Parts Program started in July 2020 with spare parts for the 2000GT and added the A70 and A80 above and the original FJ40 Land Cruiser a year later. Coming this year are 32 components for the cruiser FJ60, FJ70 and FJ80, starting with rear axle shafts for the 70’s and 80’s in April. Customers can submit requests for parts they would like TGR to reproduce on the TGR website. With the best selling Land Cruisers now making the list, particularly the hugely popular and globally popular FJ80, we can imagine a full inbox at TGR soon.

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