The Toyota GR Yaris showered with love at the Tokyo Auto Salon

At the weekend at Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota showed it’s not done making frequent, substantive developments to its super-hot GR jaris Hatchback that just turned three years old. The automaker demonstrated the theme of “Building Ever Better Motorsport-Breed Cars” and brought three new versions to the show.

The GR Yaris RZ “high-performance” “Sébastien Ogier Edition Concept” and “high-performance” “Kalle Rovanper” Edition Concept were developed with the support of Toyota WRC Driver. The differences are mostly cosmetic, but it’s the first time we’ve seen two champions using the same tool; Ogier won the WRC crown in 2021, Rovanpera won the WRC title in 2022. In addition, the “GR Yaris Rally2 Concept” is a prototype built to Rally2 specification for privateer and customer teams to compete in the FIA​ to direct World Rally Championship (WRC).

Ogiers GR Yaris adds a larger rear anti-roll bar and blue brake brake calipers and is available in a special two-tone gloss silver with black accents on the doors. The cab has special red, white and blue stitching on the steering wheel, and the 4WD mode selector unlocks control programming exclusive to this trim. Rovanpera’s GR Yaris comes with an updated rear wing and unnamed aerodynamic parts, red brake calipers and is clad in a red, white and gray camouflage pattern. Blue and silver stitching adorns the steering wheel, gearshift gaiter, parking brake handle and seats, and the 4WD mode programming reflects input from Rovanpera. Both cars boast an improved 287 pound-feet of torque. They go on sale Japan soon Toyota is considering putting each buyer’s name on the WRC race show cars that the customers “are our partners in participating in the WRC”.

Another year of testing awaits the GR Yaris Rally2 Concept. The racing department will enter it in the Japanese Rally Championship to continue development and aims to complete homologation by January 2024.

For those owners who want to go their own way, a wider selection of GR Yaris performance parts will be shipping to GR Garage Outlets in Japan later this month. Low-key mods include a new steering wheel, lightweight shift knob, parking brake lever, and full bucket seats. Hardcore stuff includes a set of track-focused GR shocks and a carbon fiber rear stabilizer. In between are elements like a carbon fiber hood, NACA ducts and a cold air intake.

We can only hope that Toyota will show the GR flower crown just as much love – the exhibition display also included a GR Corolla Aero Concept. We probably have a better chance of getting some of the new GR parts that have been announced for GR86 Launching in Japan in March, such as the aerodynamic nose cone, rear V-brace and aerodynamic door mirror louvers.


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