Used car buyers were desperate enough to buy these “zombie” cars last year

You may not remember the Dodge Dart. The underpowered compact failed to regain the Dodge Neon’s charm, which we didn’t mean as an insult, but it kind of stings now that we’re reading it.

The last dart rolled out of the factory gates sometime in 2016. The last rolled off a dealer lot recently.

The past year was a tough year for the automotive industry. We’re still putting the numbers together, but our analysts are pretty confident that 2022 was the lowest sales year for American automakers since 2011.

A global shortage of microchips has left automakers unable to build cars fast enough to meet demand. Prices skyrocketed — by the end of the year, the average new car was selling for more than $49,500. Many car buyers have had trouble finding a car they wanted in their price range.

Maybe that explains why some of them chose Т strange.

How zombie cars are brought back to life

Zombie cars are rare. But every once in a while, a dealership manages to sell a car that the automaker has long since stopped making.

You don’t have them sitting around often.

Dealers often do not own the cars on their properties. They usually pay through a complex loan arrangement, usually to a bank owned by the same company that builds the cars. The longer they keep them, the more payments they have to make. Selling a car quickly makes a dealership more money than keeping it as it ages.

They also have to maintain the cars they want to sell. “Holding costs,” as dealers call them, add up when technicians replace fluids and belts in old, unsold cars.

But sometimes a dealer will keep an older unsold car on loan – in which case it has dealer tags and can still be sold as ‘new’. Sometimes, if the car is unusually attractive, they might even keep it as a showpiece.

And occasionally they just have one sitting in the back corner of a crowd as a model that they never sold.

Automakers stop advertising cars when they hire them, and buyers tend to come in wanting the latest technology and the cars they’ve recently seen in ads. So it was pretty tough selling a 2019 Chevy Sonic in 2022. But at least one car dealership has made it.

The data comes from Kelley Blue Book parent company Cox Automotive, which receives sales reports from most US dealerships.

Six zombie cars someone bought in 2022

Dodge Journey – 194 sales

Before we finish, you will ask us to explain the distribution of Dodge vehicles on this list. Sorry we don’t know why Dodge dealers have so many undead cars waiting to be sold.

The “Journey” was a very minivan-like crossover built from 2008 to 2020. Nobody would take it off-road, but it was a handy family transport for up to seven passengers. Somehow dealers still seem to have a lot of them sitting around long after Dodge has become a performance-oriented brand. It’s hard to imagine someone walking in to see a Challenger and driving off in a three-year-old Journey instead. But a fair number of buyers appear to have done so in 2022.

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Dodge Dart – 4 sales

Named after a 1960s classic, the Dart’s return lasted only from 2013 to 2016. Critics liked its chassis and handling but found it too heavy for its own engines. He never threatened the veterans of the compact car class, but at least four of them found their way to new owners six years after they were hired.

Dodge Viper – 1 sale

The gloriously powerful, lustful Viper, an automotive legend, inspired a million posters in her day. Dodge built the last of them in 2017. But this is one of the few zombie cars that some dealers are holding onto just because it’s incredible. One was sold in 2022, so someone probably managed to buy their dream car years after production stopped. This person had a pretty good year.

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Chrysler 200 – 2 sales

The 200 was an affordable midsize sedan with a convertible option – something that wasn’t on the market in 2023. Chrysler built it from 2011 to 2017.

It was harmless and pretty good at most things. But then-CEO Sergio Marchionne said in 2017, “The Chrysler 200 and the Dodge Dart, great as they were, were the least financially rewarding ventures we’ve done inside (then parent company Fiat Chrysler). in the last eight years.â€‌

Volkswagen CC – 2 sales

The Volkswagen CC

Thomas Dorfer/Wikipedia


is one of the most famous brands in the world. But from time to time it struggles to find its identity in the US market.

There is no better example than the Volkswagen CC. A really attractive 4-door coupe car, it was more luxurious than its price would suggest. But VW marketed it as an alternative to luxury cars. And VWÒ already had an alternative to luxury cars with its Audi brand. The CC flopped and was discontinued in 2017 after eight years of lackluster sales.

And somehow sell it in 2022.

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Suzuki XL7 – 1 sale

This is the hardest to explain on this list. Suzuki

not only canceled the “XL7″ – a 3-row midsize SUV – in 2009. Suzuki ” exited the US auto marketa decade ago.

Still, through a partnership with General Motors, a former Suzuki dealer who now sells other brands managed to sell a 13-year-old SUV
uses most of the same parts as the “Pontiac Torrent” and “Saturn Vue” – two other cars you forgot.

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