Hunter Biden had access to Dad’s Corvette kept in the garage where secret documents were found: photos

Newly released photos show that Hunter Biden had access to Joe Biden’s beloved Corvette, which the president says was kept in a “locked garage” alongside classified documents from his vice presidential days.

The images are from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and Verified for authenticity by the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday cast doubt on the 80-year-old president’s claim that top-secret papers, discovered in a garage at his 6,850-square-foot mansion in Wilmington, Delaware, were properly secured.

The snaps, taken with an iPhone camera just outside the president’s home, show Hunter Biden in the driver’s seat of his father’s 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible at Goodwood Green in July 2017, the newspaper reported.

In the two pictures, the President’s son can be seen in the vintage car alongside two girls whose faces are blurred. One of the passengers appears to be Hunter Biden’s niece, Natalie Biden, the report said, and the other could not be identified.

Last week, President Biden admitted that a batch of Documents were found in his Delaware garage next to his prized Corvette.

Photos place Hunter Biden in Corvette

The images are from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.


Hunter Biden in the driver’s seat of his father’s 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible at Goodwood Green in July 2017.


“Intelligence next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?†asked Fox News reporter Peter Doocy Biden.

“My Corvette is in a locked garage, okay? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street,” Biden replied, seemingly dismissing the significance of the discovery.

“So it was in a locked garage?†Doocy insisted.

“Yeah, just like my Corvette,” Biden claimed.

President Biden claims his prized Corvette is secured in his garage, but photos of his son driving around in it prove otherwise.
Joe Biden/YouTube
Joe Biden's house in Wilmington,
President Biden’s attorneys found other classified documents at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

It’s unclear if anyone else had access to the Wilmington garage. The White House claims it keeps no visitor logs to the President’s private residence.

Hunter Biden lived in the Delaware home for a time while addicted to drugs and doing shady foreign deals.

The now 52-year-old began listing the Wilmington home as his address after his divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle in 2017 — and even falsely claimed he owned the property on a July 2018 background check form as part of a rental application.

On May 13, 2017, about two months before the photos of Hunter Biden inside the Corvette appear to have been taken, He was looped in by an email from business partner James Gilliar through a venture with state-backed Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy. Gilliar’s email said he, Hunter and two other business partners would receive a 20% interest in the new company, with 10% going to Hunter’s uncle James Biden and the remaining 10% “from H for the Big Guy.” ‌

Tony Bobulinski
Tony Bobulinski claims he did business with the President and his son.
AP/Evan Vucci

Another of Hunter’s former business partners, Tony Bobulinski, claims that he met with Joe Biden on May 2, 2017 to discuss the CEFC project and that the President was the “big guy” referenced in Gilliar’s email. Gilliar herself also identified Joe Biden as the “big guy” in a note retrieved from the laptop.

On Jan. 12, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed former Maryland US Attorney Robert Hur as special counsel to investigate how the classified documents ended up in Biden’s private possession.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has already begun investigating who may have had access to the sensitive papers, some of which are reported to contain top secret information about Iran, Ukraine and the UK contained.

come has demanded to see Visitor logs from the president’s home in Delaware and his former office at the Penn Biden Center, where the first batch of about 10 classified papers was found last November. He’s also seeking information on whether the Penn Biden Center think tank received donations from China — which the University of Pennsylvania, the think tank’s parent company, denied in a statement to The Post last year.


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