This barebones motorcycle is a crazy mix of bicycle, sprint racer and dirt bike

Most concept Cycles are beautiful, streamlined and immaculate, but then there are exceptions. You will either love this concept mashup bike or absolutely hate it for the confused interpretation.

The design is inspired by the aesthetics of vintage board racing and drag racing, fused with the passionate spirit of motorsports in the good old days. This is the brainchild of a Milan-based motorcycle photographer and director with no experience whatsoever in mechanics or aerodynamics, just a deep-rooted love for watching vintage motorcycle races from the early 1900’s.

Designer: Valenzhou

Dubbed the “Sprinter,” the shape of this bike is entirely based on Valen’s imagination, who wanted to create a board racer combined with a drag bike. Things look raw from the start, with the handcrafted steel frame, bike saddle and custom dropped bars confirming the raw character. At heart, the Sprinter is powered by a Kawasaki KZ250 engine (producing just 20Nm of torque), and those crazy-looking suspensions are pure fantasy, not necessarily backed by technical feasibility. Also, the petite seat seems very uncomfortable, practically curling the rider up in a fetal position.

Valen feeds the motor from a replaceable 17-ounce aluminum bottle that’s mounted below to propel the Sprinter forward. The bike’s frame is encapsulated in exhaust pipe tape and connected to custom suspension front and rear. Upon closer inspection, the bicycle handlebar has a custom-made throttle body with gears and a reverse clutch stage. Of course, braking is important, so the hardcore bike gets a single disc brake salvaged from a motocross bike. This all suggests that the Serendipity Track Racer is made for loping dirt tracks where braking isn’t as important. The Sprinter features hub steering to keep the raw racing element alive.

Ultimately, it’s all about keeping the overall weight to a minimum and not sacrificing agility if possible. Would I want to take this dirt racer for a spin around the track? I’d be reluctant to do that as Valen himself isn’t sure if this one will adapt to the streets as intended.


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