VW ID. Buzz gets white wheels, subtle body kit in the Prior Design makeover

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is already being produced for the European market. The US version will not be available until 2024. But it gives tuners and parts makers time to prepare an assortment of aftermarket parts that new owners can fit to the electric van. Prior Design showed some styling concepts that gave a taste of the van’s styling possibilities.

New wheels, lowered suspension and subtle changes to the front and rear fascia can really transform the Buzz’s styling. The van isn’t much more than a rectangular box with a nose, but Prior Design could tweak the styling and redesign the van’s stance.

The two-tone white and silver example features a more pronounced grille that retains the diamond perforations of the original but gains brackets that better define the van’s face. Painting it black helps too. It sits above a subtle front bumper spoiler that wraps around and blends into the new side skirts, which further reduce the car’s mass. The White Rotiform wheels Add even more style.

The updates to the rear are much more subtle, with the EV gaining a sportier diffuser that mimics the motif of the full-width taillights. It’s a design also used for the extended roof spoiler, incorporating all the new rear elements into the original design. The Red Blacks Volkswagen sports an even more understated rear diffuser with a thin red accent.

It will be interesting to see what aftermarket specialists come up with for the van’s exterior. There’s only so much you can change, but we’re just as excited to see what will happen to the Buzz’s spacious interior. Volkswagen has already announced its plans to do so offer a California Camper variant sometime after 2025, but the tuners will Conversion of the e-car to a mobile home.

Prior Design’s concepts are just a preview of what may one day be available. Any new body kit would negatively impact the EV’s range, but it would likely be marginal in the grand scheme of things. the VW ID. to hum is a reinterpretation of an icon and we can’t wait to see enthusiasts get their hands on it and create amazing things with it. It’s a blank canvas


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