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Back in 2021, Volkswagen unveiled what it dubbed “Project Trinity”.. It has nothing to do with the character of The Matrix, but if that reference got you thinking sleek and futuristic (though hopefully not about dystopia), then you’ve got the right mindset. Trinity is part concrete electric car, part broad business initiative – one the manufacturer calls “Business Model 2.0”.

Here’s everything we know so far about VW’s Project Trinity.

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What will the Project Trinity car look like?

An electric sedan. VW has already teased a preview of the swoop’s silhouette.

After to DARE magazineProject Trinity will feel like a scaled down, less opulent version of The Grandsphere concept from Audi. It will run on a new SSP EV platform and feature twin-engine all-wheel drive. VW says the car will “set new standards in range and charging speed,” but didn’t elaborate on what that would mean.

Why is it called Trinity?

Project Trinity is so named because it embodies three parallel themes that VW hopes will redefine the company: a new electronics platform, a simplified supply chain structure, and fully connected and intelligent production.

What is this “business model 2.0” stuff?

Basically, VW wants to change the way it builds cars. Cars would come with fewer variants and standardized hardware; Customization is primarily via on-demand software options. This would make EVs cheaper to build for VW, presumably provide a steady stream of revenue with owners subscribing for features and upgrading their vehicles, and help VW compete with Tesla.

When is Project Trinity coming?

Most likely towards the end of the decade. The original plan called for VW to break ground on a new $1.8 billion plant in Wolfsburg in 2023, with production starting in 2026 — but that schedule appears to be in limbo. VW According to reports, the project is under review after the group appointed Oliver Blume as the new CEO. That could result in the project being pushed back to the end of the decade and scaled back.

Also VW and Ford closed Argo AI, their joint venture working on autonomous driving. So the actually central level 4 driving could be delayed.

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