VW Touareg facelift rendering tries to peel off stickers from spy shots

The Volkswagen Touareg is now in its third generation, with the current model now being five years old. A mid-cycle refresh of the mid-range crossover is due, and prototypes have already been spotted testing by our spy photographers.

During Spied prototypes appear to be completely uncloaked, a closer look reveals clever stickers covering the important areas for obvious reasons. That’s typical of VW, as seen in other models we’ve tested on public roads. To give us a preview, our colleagues at Kolesa tried to pull off those decals and unofficially reveal what the facelifted Touareg might look like ahead of its rumored debut.

VW Touareg facelift rendering
VW Touareg facelift rendering

Changes to the headlight, grille and bumper designs are expected and Kolesa’s rendering attempts to mimic how it will be given a more contemporary look. The grille appears larger, albeit slightly, while the biggest change might be the accents on the bumper. No changes to the Page Profile are expected for this update.

At the rear, Kolesa envisions LED lighting connecting both taillights, which is actually a common design element on newer vehicles. The taillight graphics will likely be different to keep the crossover fresh front and rear.

We are also expecting updates under the hood of the Touareg. This is because the Facelift model was spotted testing on a dynamometer. Notably, the most powerful version is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine coupled to an electric motor. Combined, maximum power is 456 horsepower (340 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque

More electrification could be underway, although we won’t hold our breath on that. However, the crossover retains its 4Motion four-wheel drive capability, complete with a Torsen center differential lock. The eight-speed automatic transmission with torque converter is also retained in the refreshed model.


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