VW ID.7 gets intelligent air conditioning

The forthcoming ID.7 from Volkswagen will have a new air conditioning system that will cool or warm up the vehicle interior more quickly before driving.

This is made possible by electronically controlled air vents, which distribute the air throughout the vehicle interior as soon as the driver approaches with the key. The new, smart automatic air conditioning also reacts to voice commands and takes into account the position of the sun and individual user preferences.

The ID.7 can activate the air conditioning before passengers enter the vehicle. The vehicle interior is cooled on hot days and heated on cold days. If the door is opened when the outside temperature is high, smart air vents in the cockpit quickly distribute the air over a large area using dynamic horizontal movements. When the passengers are seated in the car, the air flow can be directed to the bodywork or used for indirect ventilation of the interior, as required.

The climate control function is located on the top operating level of the new 38 cm (15 inch) infotainment display and is always visible at the touch of a finger. All smart air vents at the outlets can be controlled digitally via the clear context menu of the air conditioning system. The strength and direction of the air movements can be set intuitively and saved individually. The temperature can be regulated via backlit touch sliders.

The steering wheel heating is activated automatically and air also flows specifically to the hands on the steering wheel.

Camouflaged Pre-production Concept Vehicle – The vehicle is not available for sale.

The digitally controlled air conditioning can be activated by voice control. Special requests are saved as “Smart Climates”. A program is selected that activates the steering wheel heating when the command “Hello Volkswagen, my hands are cold” is spoken. This directs warm air to your hands on the steering wheel for about five minutes.

Individual user settings are stored as “Personalizations”. This includes the settings made for the automatic air conditioning. This is particularly useful when the vehicle is used by several drivers.

When automatic is activated, the smart system reacts to its climatic environment. When the outside temperature is high and the sun is shining brightly, a windscreen sensor records the angle of incidence of the sunlight. If the sun shines strongly on one side of the vehicle, the ID.7 adjusts the air conditioning even more for the warmer zones: first to the respective area of ​​the vehicle interior and in a second step specifically to the vehicle occupants.

The world premiere of the ID.7 is planned for the second quarter of 2023.


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