Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX confirmed with 335 hp and four-wheel drive

As early as October 2022, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shared a teaser of the ID. Buzz GTX but without releasing any details. Thankfully, some of the missing pieces of the puzzle are now coming together as R&D boss Kai Gruenitz shared some juicy specs. Later this year, the performance version of the electric minivan will have 250 kilowatts, which translates to 335 hp. That’s even more than the 295 hp of the ID.4/ID.5 GTX.

How much torque does the ID. Buzz GTX will have it, but we remind you that the two performance SUVs are 460 Newton-meters (339 lb-ft). VW’s R&D chief confirmed that the sportiest version of the zero-emissions minivan will feature dual engines and all-wheel drive. It also gets special colors and a unique interior, along with “some extra features”.

According to Gruenitz, a non-GTX model with two motors is being considered. In fact, the presentation we mentioned had one too Teaser for a long wheelbase all-wheel drive configuration. We remind you that the elongated model will be the only one available in the United States when the ID. Buzz will go on sale in 2024. Compared to the standard-wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive model, it will have a larger battery.

Speaking of longer ID. Buzz, Gruenitz said car car it is stretched 250 millimeters (9.8 in). As a refresher, the standard model already commercially available in Europe in passenger and charge configurations measures 4,712 mm (185.5 in). He added that it will have a seven-seat, three-row layout, “and you can pull them all out of the back.” He further mentioned, “There will also be captain’s chairs that can be turned around.”

Grünitz repeated a California Badge Camper is in progress but will not appear before 2025.

VW will expand its electric car portfolio later this year with the ID.7 and an ID.3 GTX, which will arrive with the compact cars previously announced facelift. An ID.8 in Atlas format is in the works, as is the flagship Trinity.


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