Which car was worth waiting for?

A photo of a blue Acura Integra sedan on a freeway.

Was the wait for the new Integra worth it?
photo: Acura

There are many species we have to wait for these days. It could be the long wait for you sick new motocompo gloves to ship, or the delays at your local coffee shop while waiting for fresh croissants to come out. You can also be kept waiting in the car world, Maybe you’re stuck at a traffic light longer than you would like, ending up on hold with insurers longer than necessary or waiting for weeks a new Catalyst that appears after yours is stolen.

Besides car parts, you can also wait for whole vehicles to appear. Today we examine exactly that and ask which car was worth waiting for?

You might want to talk about a model update or a new generation that seemed to have been waiting for decades. Does Corvette’s first hybrid supercar fall into this camp? And what about the glorious return of the Acura Integralaunched just 16 years after the death of the fourth generation model?

Then there are the cars you’ve been waiting for. Have you been looking for the perfect pick-up for a long time? What about that Bronco you ordered? finally showed up months ago, was it as good as you’d hoped?

Personally I will say so final production accelerated ID Buzz the wait was 100% worth it. After the finished car was first unveiled as a concept in 2017, it looked strikingly similar to those original designs. It kept the cute looks of the old VW buses but brought the styling bang into the 21st century, and I love it all the more for that. Now just waiting a few months for them to finish the camper fit out and I’ll be a happy dude!

But that’s just my suggestion, whatever the car and the reason for the wait, we want to hear about it. Head to the comments below to let us know which cars you think were worth waiting for. We’ll be compiling some of the best answers in a slideshow next week.


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