What new cars get hurt by their unreliable reputation in the past?

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I’m often surprised at how bad a reputation can stick. Even with many newer makes and models, some people tend to apply an outdated view of how reliable or there is no car. So I’d like to know which modern cars you think are still struggling with a previous reputation that labeled them as unreliable – and whether or not these newer models deserve that reputation.

For example, everyone modern does Land Rover Discovery deserve the stigma of the LR3 years or further back? Or pile more on it JLRdo that from today jaguar Models deserve the reputation of their predecessor?

In 2023, the internal combustion engine as a technology is damn close; so are the many components surrounding the engine and most critical components in modern cars. That’s why I find it hard to understand telling someone who’s dying to buy a brand new Jaguar to reconsider – or even refrain altogether – from buying their dream car because this ‘Jag’ will do it breaks their hearts once it gets a few miles on it.

Complexity is a big problem with newer cars. And that complexity comes with hefty maintenance bills at intervals that are common depending on the cost. But instead of telling someone they’re in for heartbreak with an “unreliable” modern car, it might be more appropriate to say they’re in for a bit of discomfort.

No heartache, but heartburn due to high service costs depending on the brand. That doesn’t necessarily make a car “unreliable” in the usual sense. It probably won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road. At least I hope not.

Here’s your chance to champion newer cars that you feel have been unfairly burdened with the poor reliability of their past. What newer cars do you think get a bad rap because earlier models were notoriously bad?


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