Winnebago is offering test drives of its prototype all-electric RV

During this year’s Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, a legacy RV and RV builder Winnebago introduced its all-electric, ready-to-go RV prototype called the eRV2. Evolved from Winnebago’s eRV prototype, this zero-emission RV will be used for test drives to gather consumer feedback before reaching its final design for production intent. You gotta check this thing out.

When Kleenex is tissue and Q tip to cotton swabs, Winnebago is practically synonymous with recreational vehicles (RVs). While it’s been building RVs and RVs that rely on petrol and diesel engines for decades, the heritage brand has the foresight to explore a future where electric versions of its vehicles can become a reality, and we welcome that.

That being said, the company still has a long way to go. During the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow, Winnebago presented the eRV – an all-electric motorhome concept that, after a less than successful journey, really started its journey into zero-emission travel Trying an EV platform back in 2018.

The concept is based on the well-loved Ford Transit platform, equipped with a well-known name in Lightning eMotors. It used the vehicle’s body, chassis and suspension, and was then fitted with an 86kWh battery that should offer a range of 125 miles and charge in 45 minutes with a DC fast charger.

Now, almost a year to the day, Winnebago has hit the Tampa RV show once again with an all-electric addition called the eRV2. It’s still just a prototype, but it’s operational, available for test drives, and fast moving towards a true consumer electric RV option. Have a look.

Winnebago presents the electric mobile home eRV2 in Florida

The all-electric eRV2 debuted to audiences in Florida today and will be on view throughout the weekend. This electric RV is based on a Ford E-Transit chassis similar to the concept from which it was born and currently has a published range of…108 miles. hmm

Winnebago seems aware that the number is far too low for a production version of this RV, stating that it is “actively exploring opportunities to extend the range that can be incorporated into a future commercial version.” phew

The RV specialist has partnered with Lithionics Battery to develop a proprietary “IonBlade” lithium home battery that is powerful, compact, and features a 48V system with a capacity of over 15,000 usable watt-hours.

Both the powertrain and home system run entirely on electricity and can be boondocked (camping without electricity, water and sewage) for up to seven days. Winnebago says this is made possible in part by the RV’s 900-watt solar capacity, which uses panels on its roof (see above).

But what about the interior? See for yourself.

If you’re making a zero-emission recreational vehicle, it’s best to encourage sustainability as much as possible. Inside Winnebago’s all-electric RV prototype, you’ll find tons of recycled materials, including flooring, mats, window coverings, and even the WinnSleep mattress system. The cab seats feature plant-based upholstery, while all acrylic countertops are made from biodegradable materials. Kind.

Winnebago seems to have gotten off to a great start here with the eRV2, but acknowledges that intensive field testing still needs to be done to determine the final design of the electric RV. Let’s not forget about that range either, gang.

Still, the veteran company recognizes that there’s exploding demand for all-electric travel, particularly in the large van and RV segment. Winnebago President Huw Bower spoke about the company’s progress and future goals:

Our main goal in building the eRV2 was to help people explore the world around them in comfort and with less environmental impact. User experience was at the heart of the development of this prototype, from the early days of market research and even now during field testing. The eRV2 embodies our pioneering legacy and represents not only an achievement in design, innovation and sustainability, but also our commitment to continuously evolve with the changing needs of consumers and the world we share.

The eRV2 will be on display at the Florida RV SuperShow through January 22 in the Winnebago booth (#760). If you participate, we ask that you do so Arrange test drive and let us know what you think.

We’re hoping to get into the electric motorhome soon, and who knows, maybe we’ll report on the production model at next year’s motorhome show. In the meantime, check out the full unveiling video of Winnebagos’ all-electric eRV2.


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