You can buy these new cars without setting foot in a dealership

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As electric vehicles become more popular, more and more EVs are becoming available Startups are following Telsa’s example of direct-to-consumer selling style, cutting out what many see as autosales centerMan: trader. While dealers offer certain benefits to the customer (a range of vehicle options, the ability to test multiple models on site, the convenience of driving your purchase out of the lot the same day), the experience of visiting a dealership to negotiate a sale is also something many of us fear.

When Nora Naughton and Alexa St. John write for Yahoo News:

“The consumer experience and journey is too precious to delegate to anyone else,” Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson told investors during a earnings call in November 2021, according to auto consultancy Berylls advantages would include the potential to provide a better shopping experience, reduce shoppers’ hatred of haggling, and reduce overhead.

This approach comes with inconveniences. Because most states require cars to be sold through dealers, these automakers must turn to franchise laws and dealer lobbyists to conduct business, physical or digital, wherever they choose to do business.

If the direct-to-consumer experience sounds appealing to you, here are those options available now to consider – with all the logistical constraints to be aware ofdepending on where you live.

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The idea of ​​getting rid of the dealership isn’t new, but Tesla is probably the first manufacturer to have done it successfully. You can go to Tesla’s website, select the model you are interested in, fully customize it and order delivery direct to your home. If you live there, you don’t have to go to a dealer California, Colorado, Virginia or New Hampshire there they allow customers to buy Teslas directly, without the help of a retailer, according to Yahoo Finance.

Tesla also currently has 36 “stores” or “galleries” where you can physically see the cars and learn about the benefits of buying a Tesla. However some Federal and State Laws can prevent these galleries from selling the cars or even discussing their prices.

While some laws may make it difficult for Tesla to sell directly to customers, they’ve tried to sidestep the problem. If you reside in a state that does not allow direct sales to consumers, Tesla gives you three choices: Express delivery to a Tesla delivery center in a state that allows it; Tesla Direct shipping to an address you specify within 220 miles of an existing Tesla delivery center; or Carrier Direct, in which she Get an independent carrier who will have your vehicle delivered to you for a fee, wherever you live.

North Star

Another electric vehicle company, Polestar, offers many of the same services as Tesla. You can customize and order a Polestar 2 complete on-line without ever stepping on food a merchant property. As long as you live inside a 150 mile radius from a “Polestar space,” you can have the vehicle delivered. Otherwise you will have to use an independent carrier who will bring the car to you for a fee Cars. com.

For more information on Polestar’s delivery information, see their FAQ here.


Lucid is an American manufacturer of electric vehicles, also founded in 2007 sells vehicles directly to customers on-line and at Lucid Studios, but only in states in which Lucid is licensed to conduct sales. Currently Lucid has three vehicle models: Lucid Air Touring, Grand Touring and Dream Edition.

Lucid delivered their first vehicle, the Lucid Air, in the United States Fall 2021. The Lucid Insider blog says it takes about two to five months to receive the car from the moment of ordering.


Rivianfounded in 2009, is another American manufacturer of electric vehicles allows you to custom build your car and skip the middle man. You currently have the R1Tan all-electric pickup and the R1Sthe second model and all-electric SUV.


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