ZF acquires Intellic for next-generation fleet connectivity for commercial vehicles

ZF has announced that it has acquired intellic Germany GmbH, a Berlin-based advanced tachograph technology company.

According to ZF, the acquisition strengthens its ability to offer solutions for the entire commercial vehicle transport value chain. Building on ZF’s “Next Generation Mobility” strategy, the company claims the move represents a significant step toward realizing its ambition to enable Transportation as a Service (TaaS).

“The integration of Intellic’s intelligent tachograph technology into our telematics portfolio further expands ZF’s leading position as a ‘one-stop shop’ for commercial vehicle manufacturers, fleets and industrial partners,” said Hjalmar Van Raemdonck , Head of Digital System Solutions in the ZF Commercial Business Unit Vehicle Solutions. “As a uniquely regulated and trusted data center, smart tachographs will play an increasingly important role in the road transport ecosystem.”

“Leveraging the data integrity of smart tachographs will open up opportunities in logistics and infrastructure optimization, building on ZF’s recent launch of its SCALAR digital fleet orchestration platform,” added Van Raemdonck.

As the vehicle’s “black box”, verified data will include local time input, an accurate real-time clock, a secure global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and an intelligent traffic systems interface (ITS).

By enabling a “connectivity hub,” it is envisioned that a single certified box will be able to reliably and accurately collect and relay data from a variety of vehicle sensors and data sources, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and EBS signals.

With the potential to bring significant value to fleet customers, ZF is well positioned to become a fully digital service provider by providing a complete system with clear, measurable and verified data. This includes displaying the remaining driving time limits to ensure legal compliance. ZF offers all digital software and hardware solutions that fleets need from a single source and integrates future-proof functions with software updates over-the-air, as well as updates for the tachograph such as driving and rest times. ZF’s tachograph capabilities add value for manufacturers, providing a simple solution to integrate speed, driving and rest time data into their vehicle dashboards.

Integrating trusted intelligent tachograph data with ZF’s recently launched SCALAR fleet orchestration platform will enable more efficient routing, dispatching and driver planning to significantly improve fleet efficiency.

From 2023, the smart tachograph will become the central trusted device in the commercial vehicle sector in Europe. By the third quarter of 2023, manufacturers in Europe will have to fit next-generation smart tachographs into new vehicles, and by the end of 2024 they will completely replace analogue tachographs.


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